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RSS Feeds
2005-03-10 10:07
by Ken Arneson

A lot of people asking about RSS feeds.

That's the next thing on my priority list. I hope to have it up later today.

2005-03-10 12:06:18
1.   Dave D
Why not use an already well established package like Wordpress? Reinventing the wheel is boring. And takes a long time.
2005-03-10 12:48:27
2.   Ken Arneson
Well, yeah, reinventing the wheel was boring, and took a long time. But I wanted an airplane, and the wheels are only a minor part of an airplane.

In this case, I decided it was better to design an airplane from scratch than to slap some wings on a car.

2005-03-10 20:04:18
3.   Dave D
Fair enough, I can only assume you plan on taking the Toaster beyond just blogging and in to various areas. Looking forward to following the progress.

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