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Monthly archives: September 2005


2005-09-26 11:06
by Ken Arneson

Last week, I registered the domain name

When I did, I hadn't yet heard of this technology. The domain name could have more uses than I had originally envisioned!

(via Kottke)

Server Downtime Friday Night/Saturday Morning
2005-09-14 20:22
by Ken Arneson

Our (soon-to-be-former) ISP is upgrading our server at midnight Pacific time Saturday morning. They expect the server to be down for no more than two hours.

I hope to move to the new server by the end of the month.

After shopping around, and reading some customer reviews, this looks like the best ISP deal for my needs. (I need a dedicated server, or a virtual private server, with root access, and I'd prefer not to deal with bandwidth limitations.) Anybody had any experience with JVDS?