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Monthly archives: March 2007


Welcome, Cardboard Gods!
2007-03-27 04:21
by Ken Arneson

I am extremely pleased to announce that Josh Wilker is bringing his wonderful Cardboard Gods blog to Baseball Toaster. It's one of my favorite blogs of any kind.

So don't waste your time here.   Go there.

We're This Many
2007-03-08 00:48
by Ken Arneson

The first Baseball Toaster blog entry was posted two years ago today.

The bad news: we shall now commence throwing daily temper tantrums because it's just not fair! Also, we will NOT eat those yucky vegetables. No!

The good news: when we're not throwing tantrums, we're awfully cute. And we'll probably be potty trained by this time next year, so that's surely something to look forward to.

So hold on, this might be a rough year. We have some significant growing pains to get through. In a year's time, we might be pushing over 1 million combined blog entries and comments in our system (we just hit 600,000 last night.) So stick with us, it's just a phase. We'll get over it, and then we will surely become a pure delight to have around.