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Monthly archives: May 2008


One Millionth Object Pops Out of Toaster
2008-05-28 18:22
by Ken Arneson

Congrats to SF Yanks, who created object #1,000,000 in the Fairpole system, a comment on Bronx Banter:

 I wouldn't mind if Arod started being MVPlike again....the good ol days.

Just missing was Andrew Shimmin, who created object #999,999, a comment on Dodger Thoughts that read:

250- La la la la la; I'm not listening. . .

How utterly appropriate...

One Million
2008-05-26 17:45
by Ken Arneson

Any day now, the Fairpole system will pass 1,000,000 objects.  (Every object--a blog entry, a user, a comment--gets an object number.)   What will happen when the odometer turns over?  Will the world fall apart, as we feared in Y2K?  If it doesn't, should we throw a party?  Should we throw the creator of the 1,000,000th object into a volcano as a sacrifice to the Database Gods?