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RSS Feeds Are Up
2005-03-10 16:18
by Ken Arneson

They're all in RSS 2.0. If anybody needs an older version, I can do that, just let me know, otherwise I won't bother.

Here are the URLs:

Baseball Toaster (all blogs):
Bronx Banter:
Catfish Stew:
Cub Town:
Dodger Thoughts:
Mike's Baseball Rants:
The Griddle:

These links should be in the document headers of the respective blogs, too.

We'll get the syndication links on the sidebars tomorrow.

Please let me know if you have any problems.

2005-03-10 17:22:25
1.   Marty
Hi, I'm not too up on RSS yet, but I get an error that says "about:livemark failed" after I subscribed to the RSS feed for Dodger thoughts using the RSS button on my firefox browser.
2005-03-10 21:33:02
2.   Ken Arneson
Hmm, Marty.

I don't use the Firefox RSS feeds, but I tried it myself, and it seemed to work fine for me.

Given that the error says "about:livemark" and not something like "syntax error" leads me to suspect that the Firefox RSS software (that's what Livemark is) may not be installed correctly on your machine.

At what point did you get the error?

2005-03-11 07:26:08
3.   Marty
OK, it worked for me at home. The logo in the lower right corner is slightly different than the one in my work browser. That tells me its a version issue, so i'll upgrade at work.
Thanks for your help.
2005-03-11 09:52:04
4.   10man
You can't use html code in the comments?
2005-03-11 14:54:20
5.   corey
I'm new to this RSS stuff, so please forgive my ignorance. Are you going to make one of those links that say "Add to My Yahoo" or is that something different?
2005-03-11 15:13:09
6.   Joshua
Any chance of getting the RSS to display full-text entries (like ATOM)? Much thanks!
2005-03-11 19:33:27
7.   Ken Arneson
On HTML in comments, no. My parser is very primitive at the moment, and I'll probably have them be more wiki-like than blog-like.

For example, putting asterisks around a word and making it bold. Or underlines around it, and make it underlined.

At some point, I'll let you make links, but I want to build an easy way to zap spam, first.

2005-03-11 19:38:22
8.   Ken Arneson
As for RSS full text, maybe, at some point.

Like the comments, just having a simple paragraph with no HTML made things easier to test and get off the ground quickly.

If you have HTML tags mixed in with your XML, you end up with so many more contingencies you need to check for and test.

2005-03-12 01:36:22
9.   10man
bold underlined ---> cool! thanks, Ken.

also, will you be setting up some sort of cookie, etc. so that our username remains logged in each time we return?

thanks again. I know you still have a lot of things to work on, so we'll wait patiently as you do.

2005-03-12 12:17:03
10.   kcyanks1
Would it be possible to have the titles of the articles in the Baseball Toaster (all blogs) RSS feed include the blog the particular article is coming from? Thanks! Site is looking great so far.
2005-03-13 03:18:54
11.   10man
I was able to run the RSS feeds except for Cubtown. It's giving me this error message:

An invalid character was found in text content.

Ran it through validator and it says the invalid character is a curly apostrophe.

2005-03-13 14:44:04
12.   Ken Arneson
Thanks, 10man, I'll check it out.
2005-03-13 15:03:29
13.   Ken Arneson
OK, I did a quick kludgey fix on the RSS feeds to get rid of those high-ascii apostrophes. It doesn't replace them with the right ones, but I'll fix that later.

I also added the blog name to the titles of the RSS articles. Thanks, kcyanks1.

Permanent cookies, yeah, I'll do that later, too.

2005-03-13 18:27:13
14.   kcyanks1
Thanks for adding the blog names to the RSS titles, Ken!

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