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2005-03-15 17:04
by Ken Arneson

(Update): The site was shut down at 10:15pm PT for a few minutes to install a new version of the Fairpole software. All seems to have gone well with the upgrade.

This version, 0.3beta, consists mostly of fixes to some minor bugs:

  • The fold tag (similar to extended entries in MT) wasn't being recognized
  • Entries designated for future publication were showing up now
  • If you changed the status of a document on the "Hot from the Toaster" list to "draft", the blog disappeared from the list.
  • The author of a blog entry was listed as the last person to edit it, instead of the original author
  • nbsp's disappeared from HTML forms
  • The error messages on the registration form were not displaying correctly.

Tomorrow, I'll begin work on the next version of the software. The next version will focus on adding new features. In particular, I'll enable the writers to edit their sidebars, adding things like blogrolls and monthly archives.

2005-03-19 06:35:43
1.   zappala
Since you're writing the software for this site, I'll give you a free tip on how to make this the best blogging software out there. Make blog comments into a threaded discussion, so that users can reply to other users' comments and carry on an actual conversation. The flat listing of comments really hinders blogging from being what it is meant to be -- a dialogue on the blogger's topic of choice. What it is right now is mainly comments on a blogger's topic, which is different. Any conversations that try to take place in the flat comments aren't nearly as effective as they could be.

We've had this technology in Usenet for years, but for some reason the blogging software has stripped away this funtionality.

I wish you the best of luck. I wish I had more time to work on my own software projects ...

2005-03-19 12:03:12
2.   Sky
Just wanted to say that even though I'm just as interested in the development of the blogging software that you're developing, Ken, as I'm interested in the great writing of the authors at Baseball Toaster. I'm not even a software guy. I just think it's cool that with all the software out there, someone thinks he can do something really cool and is willing to spend the time on it. While it may seem boring to others, I'd love to read about all the developments as they happen, even the behind-the-scenes additions that readers won't notice. Keep up the great work writing poetry, A's thoughts, and software.
2005-03-19 14:41:28
3.   sabernar
Are you going to open source the code to Fairpole? Can you give a fellow programmer and baseball fan some info on what language/database/etc. that you're using? Thanks!
2005-03-21 08:28:07
4.   sharpie
how do you access archives?

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