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Slow Site Speed Today
2005-03-30 17:28
by Ken Arneson

Some of you may have noticed that the site has been slow today.

I think the problem was with the network at our ISP, and not with the Fairpole software. I was seeing about a 10% packet loss from the server to other places on the Internet.

I entered a trouble ticket with our ISP, and they are working on the problem.

But just to see if I can speed things up a bit, I'm going to push live some caching tonight. The Fairpole software has caching built into its design, but I haven't used it yet; everything has been dynamically generated so far.

So I'll start out by caching the sidebars, since they don't change that much, and we'll see how it goes. So there may be some downtime tonight as I push the changes live.

Update: Well, my ISP insists that my network is fine, even though I'm still seeing some packet loss to a few places. But maybe it was just a hanging database connection that was the real problem. I bounced the database server, and things look better now.

All the more reason to start caching, I suppose.

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