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Server Downtime Tonight
2005-08-10 12:14
by Ken Arneson

I tried to make a configuration change on the fly this morning, but my attempt to do so screwed up the site. D'oh!

I plan to turn off the site tonight at 11pm PT to make the change.

If the site continues to be too slow, however, I may decide to shut the site down earlier, and get it over with.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

2005-08-10 13:44:20
1.   Linkmeister
You know, you've just taught a lesson that more webmasters should learn. Note the time zone along with the hour of the scheduled downtime.
2005-08-10 14:20:51
2.   Ken Arneson
I almost forgot to. If you read this entry the first minute it was up, it said 11pm without the timezone.

Also, I'll wait if there are still ballgames going on.

2005-08-10 14:48:06
3.   Jon Weisman
Ken, when can people expect uptime to resume, if 11 p.m. PST is the starting point for downtime? Just a rough guess.
2005-08-10 15:26:11
4.   Ken Arneson
If everything goes right, could be 15 minutes. If all hell breaks loose, could be a couple hours...
2005-08-11 04:43:29
5.   Ken Arneson
It was more than a couple. More like five. Ugh.

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