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New Toaster Blogs
2005-12-10 12:43
by Ken Arneson

We are happy to announce that we will be adding three new bloggers and two-and-a-half new blogs to our Toaster lineup.

* * *

The half blog is The Griddle. We set up the Griddle when we launched Baseball Toaster, intending it to be a place where Toaster authors could discuss issues outside the focus of our main blogs. But without a clear owner, the blog languished.

So we are happy to hand over the keys of the Griddle to Bob Timmermann. Many of you know Bob from his smart and witty comments on Dodger Thoughts. Bob will make sure there's a place on the Toaster to discuss all the big baseball issues of the day. And maybe some soccer ones, too, we're not sure.

* * *

Our second blogger is Erik Siegrist. Erik is a beat writer for Rotowire, and has also written for Baseball Prospectus. He plans to use his new blog, entitled Just A Bit Outside, to "challenge conventional wisdom".

* * *

Last, but not least, we welcome Mark Donohue to the team. Mark is moving his Rockies blog over from MLBlogs, with a new name. Bad Altitude will focus on the Rockies, but also at times delve into Mark's many other interests, both inside and outside baseball.

* * *

Welcome, Bob, Erik, and Mark!

2005-12-10 13:30:30
1.   Vishal
hah, that's awesome. i know mark from college.
2005-12-10 14:23:46
2.   Marty
I don't see a link to the Griddle on your sidebar. Just in the current post
2005-12-10 14:28:27
3.   Sam DC
Nifty. Have fun Bob, but don't be forgetting your roots now . . .
2005-12-10 14:30:22
4.   slackfarmer
Having read many of Bob's DT posts I look forward to his Griddle blog. To echo Marty, will we get a link to it?

I also look forward to Mark Donohue's blog covering a Dodger competitor (and possible new home for Depodesta). Is the blog going to start accepting comments soon?

2005-12-10 14:48:08
5.   Ken Arneson
A link will show up as soon as Bob creates a new blog entry. The blog drops off the list if there are no entries for two weeks.

Mark's new entries will also accept comments.

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