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Site Maintenance Thursday AM
2006-09-13 15:22
by Ken Arneson

Our ISP is upgrading the operating system on our server Thursday morning.

Hopefully, the site will be down for only a few minutes (the ISP says "less than ten"), as the new OS is installed and the machine is rebooted. Our machine is scheduled to be rebooted sometime between 4:15 and 5:30 AM Pacific Time.

I plan to be sleeping during those hours, so if, for some reason, the system fails to come up automatically after the reboot, the downtime might last a little longer, until I decide to drag my weary tail out of bed.

The old body doesn't take to waking up at strange hours anymore. I need my beauty sleep. You'll live.

Thanks for your understanding.

2006-09-14 17:35:59
1.   Eric Enders
Just outta curiosity -- and this is a complaint in no way, shape, or form -- but when will Toaster cease to become beta and become the real thing? Seems like it's been in beta for an awfully long time.
2006-09-14 20:18:46
2.   Ken Arneson
Well, it's been a very circuitous route for Fairpole. Two steps back to move three steps forward, that sort of thing.

But things are starting to getting very close to coming around, finally. We should start seeing quite a few changes around here in the coming months.

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