Baseball Toaster Fairpole
Why Fairpole Changes So Slowly
2007-02-16 01:59
by Ken Arneson

The software that runs the Toaster is written in a scripting language called Perl. It's my favorite programming language, but I must admit, it does have its downsides. It works great, but the actual coding of it is difficult, as demonstrated here:

Warning: "Vista" is a four-letter word, but not spelled NSFW:

2007-02-16 02:12:21
1.   Andrew Shimmin
Delete in the Yankee ok to have!
2007-02-16 02:34:20
2.   Ken Arneson
think you.
2007-02-16 10:01:38
3.   scareduck
2007-02-16 10:17:46
4.   StolenMonkey86
1- My God, an alliance between Steinbrenner and Gates. Could there be anything more evil?
2007-02-16 10:54:46
5.   Greg Brock
That is one of the most painful things I've ever seen.
2007-02-16 18:43:29
6.   rbs10025
Input eagles!
2007-02-18 06:56:37
7.   Daniel Zappala
Ken, Ken, Ken. Perl??? Take a summer off and convert the whole thing to Ruby on Rails.
2007-02-18 18:40:07
8.   Ken Arneson
(a) Ruby on Rails wasn't really around when I started writing this.

(b) I am converting the whole thing, but not to RoR. RoR makes a lot of assumptions that don't work for my current project.

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